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Erik Jacobson
Regulatory Relations

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., Mail Code B23A
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177
Fax: 415-973-1448

July 31, 2017

Energy Division Tariff Unit
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Comments on Draft Resolution E-4858

Dear Energy Division Tariff Unit:
PG&E has received comments regarding Draft Resolution E-4858 submitted by the
Stewardship Council to the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission or
CPUC) on July 27, 2017. PG&E concurs with and recommends the Commission adopt
the modifications recommended by the Stewardship Council. In addition to those
provided by the Stewardship Council, PG&E provides the following comments and
suggestions for your consideration regarding Draft Resolution E-4858.
Recommended Revisions
Page / Section of Draft

Proposed Revisions

Global change

Use consistent reference for Ducks Unlimited and Wetlands
America Trust.

Global change

Remove references to the “Cal Trout fishing access”. That
access is not on the Property nor related to public access on
the Property.

Page 6-Acreage and
Property Description

Correct “Fiver” to “River” in second sentence. Revise to note
that land is underlying all waterways, rather than “in”. Remove
“and Tribal” in last sentence as the Tribes have no legal interest
in any lands near the Property.

Page 7-Existing

Change grazing “lease” to “license”. At beginning of final
paragraph, insert “In accordance with the Settlement

Page 8- Objectives to
preserve and/or
enhance BPVs

Section 1: Remove “PG&E proposes to maintain the Property
in its natural state as well as restore habitat values where it is
appropriate and feasible.” This is not a stated objective or


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PG&E Comments on Draft Resolution E-4858 -2- July 31, 2017 requirement. PG&E will manage the Property consistent with the requirements of the conservation easement. Page 8- Objectives to preserve and/or enhance BPVs Section 2: Revise sentence to say: “The CE will conserve the scenic character of the property by ensuring that no further development will occur that violates the terms of the conservation easement.” Page 8- Objectives to preserve and/or enhance BPVs Section 3: Insert “regarding public access” at the end of the paragraph. Page 13-Protests Second to last paragraph: Revise sentence to say: “Rather, it preserves and protects current access and uses, but ensures PG&E will be able to impose reasonable rules and restrictions on access for public safety, operational needs, and/or to ensure that BPVs are not harmed.” Page 14-Discussion Insert “the” in front of “LCC” and “Council” after “Stewardship”. Conclusion PG&E appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the Energy Division’s draft Resolution E-4858 and respectfully requests that the Commission adopt it with the changes described in these comments. Respectfully submitted, /S/ Erik Jacobson Director, Regulatory Relations cc: Edward Randolph, Director, Energy Division Mary Jo Borak, Energy Division Michael Rosauer, Energy Division Heidi Krolick, The Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council Gary Martin Scott and Margaret French Steve French Dave and Jan Roach William A. Burgstrom Dan Beatty
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