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Erik Jacobson
Regulatory Relations

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., Mail Code B13U
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177
Fax: 415-973-3582

October 11, 2017

Advice 5157-E
(Pacific Gas and Electric Company ID U 39 E)

Public Utilities Commission of the State of California

Correction to Advice Letter 4968-E: Self Generation Incentive
Program Funded Energy Storage Installations

The purpose of this advice letter is to correct an error in advice letter 4968-E. Advice
letter 4968-E was filed pursuant to Ordering Paragraph (“OP”) 5 of California Public
Utilities Commission (“CPUC or Commission”) Decision (“D.”) 16-09-007, to provide the
breakout of Self Generation Incentive Program (“SGIP”) funded energy storage
installations by bundled, Community Choice Aggregators (“CCA”), and Direct Access
(“DA”) customers, for the period of January 28, 2016 through November 30, 2016.
Advice letter 4968-E was effective December 1, 2016.
Summary of Correction
Upon reviewing the list of PG&E’s SGIP projects reported in advice letter 4968-E,
PG&E determined that one of the projects was incorrectly listed, showing PG&E as
being the energy service provider at the time of project deployment.
PG&E provides the updated table from advice letter 4968-E in redline below, with the
correct allocation for the SGIP projects. Additionally, PG&E reviewed advice letter
5077-E, filed on June 1, 2017, and found no other errors in reporting the SGIP-funded
projects that are to be split evenly between unbundled customer’s IOU and the
CCA/ESP for purposes of meeting the storage targets. 1
The filing would not increase any current rate or charge, cause the withdrawal
of service, or conflict with any rate schedule or rule.


D.16-01-032, Conclusion of Law 29


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Advice 5157-E -2- October 11, 2017 Breakout of SGIP-funded Storage Installations - REDLINE SGIP Energy Storage CCA/DA Report Application Code PGE-SGIP2012-2371 PGE-SGIP2014-2651 PGE-SGIP2012-2375 PGE-SGIP2012-2406 PGE-SGIP2014-2689 PGE-SGIP2014-2715 PGE-SGIP2015-2930 PGE-SGIP2015-2929 PGE-SGIP2014-2688 PGE-SGIP2015-2942 Payment Complet ed Date 2/9/2016 Rated Capacity [kW] 14.985 Credits Owed to IOU Service provider [kW] Credits Owed to Service Provider if not the IOU [kW] Energy Service Provider 14.985 PG&E 2/16/2016 5 5 PG&E 2/19/2016 14.985 14.985 PG&E 2/22/2016 29.97 29.97 PG&E 2/22/2016 5 5 PG&E 2/22/2016 5 5 PG&E 2/22/2016 29.97 14.985 14.985 Marin Clean Energy, CCA 3/4/2016 29.97 14.985 14.985 Marin Clean Energy, CCA 3/7/2016 5 5 PG&E 50 PG&E 3/10/2016 50
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Advice 5157-E PGE-SGIP2014-2710 PGE-SGIP2014-2719 PGE-SGIP2014-2782 PGE-SGIP2014-2812 PGE-SGIP2014-2665 PGE-SGIP2012-2413 PGE-SGIP2014-2733 PGE-SGIP2014-2829 PGE-SGIP2013-2680 PGE-SGIP2014-2700 PGE-SGIP2014-2701 PGE-SGIP2015-2939 PGE-SGIP2015-2941 PGE-SGIP2014-2718 PGE-SGIP2014-2534 -3- October 11, 2017 3/14/2016 15 15 PG&E 3/14/2016 14.99 14.99 PG&E 3/14/2016 5 5 PG&E 3/15/2016 29.97 29.97 PG&E 3/16/2016 5 5 PG&E 3/21/2016 176 176 88 88 PG&E Sonoma Clean Power, CCA 3/21/2016 1000 500 500 Constellation New Energy, ESP 3/21/2016 14.985 14.985 3/22/2016 1360 680 3/24/2016 15 15 3/24/2016 15 7.5 7.5 Constellation New Energy, ESP 4/5/2016 242 121 121 Constellation New Energy, ESP 4/13/2016 100 100 4/28/2016 15 7.5 5/4/2016 5 5 PG&E 680 Sonoma Clean Power, CCA PG&E PG&E 7.5 Constellation New Energy, ESP PG&E
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Advice 5157-E PGE-SGIP2014-2727 PGE-SGIP2014-2842 PGE-SGIP2014-2763 PGE-SGIP2014-2749 PGE-SGIP2015-2850 PGE-SGIP2014-2781 PGE-SGIP2014-2801 PGE-SGIP2014-2542 PGE-SGIP2014-2726 PGE-SGIP2014-2737 PGE-SGIP2014-2789 PGE-SGIP2014-2667 PGE-SGIP2014-2768 PGE-SGIP2014-2791 PGE-SGIP2012-2286 -4- October 11, 2017 5/4/2016 5 5 PG&E 5/4/2016 5 5 PG&E 5/6/2016 3.24 3.24 PG&E 5/10/2016 5 5 PG&E 5/16/2016 29.997 29.997 PG&E 5/18/2016 5 2.5 5/27/2016 5 5 PG&E 6/13/2016 5 5 PG&E 6/14/2016 5 5 PG&E 6/14/2016 5 5 PG&E 6/14/2016 1000 500 6/23/2016 5 5 PG&E 7/5/2016 5 5 PG&E 7/5/2016 5 5 PG&E 7/7/2016 5 5 PG&E 2.5 500 Marin Clean Energy, CCA Marin Clean Energy, CCA
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Advice 5157-E PGE-SGIP2014-2735 PGE-SGIP2014-2823 PGE-SGIP2014-2713 PGE-SGIP2014-2776 PGE-SGIP2014-2800 PGE-SGIP2014-2799 PGE-SGIP2012-2337 PGE-SGIP2014-2830 PGE-SGIP2014-2840 PGE-SGIP2015-2967 PGE-SGIP2011-2032 PGE-SGIP2012-2331 PGE-SGIP2014-2730 PGE-SGIP2014-2571 PGE-SGIP2015-2868 -5- October 11, 2017 7/7/2016 5 5 PG&E 7/8/2016 28.004 28.004 PG&E 7/13/2016 5 5 PG&E 7/21/2016 200 200 PG&E 7/27/2016 5 5 PG&E 8/2/2016 2.5 5 2.5 Marin Clean Energy, CCA 8/10/2016 5 5 PG&E 8/10/2016 90 90 PG&E 8/15/2016 4.079 4.079 PG&E 8/24/2016 7.992 3.996 8/31/2016 5 5 PG&E 8/31/2016 5 5 PG&E 8/31/2016 5 5 PG&E 10/31/201 5 6 10/31/201 14.002 6 5 PG&E 14.002 PG&E 3.996 Peninsula Clean Energy, CCA
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Advice 5157-E PGE-SGIP2014-2827 Total in Kilowatts -6- 11/3/2016 300 4985.139 October 11, 2017 300 3129.293 3130.173 PG&E 1855.846 1854.966
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Advice 5157-E -7- October 11, 2017 Protests Anyone wishing to protest this filing may do so by letter sent via U.S. mail, facsimile or E-mail, no later than October 31, 2017, which is 20 days after the date of this filing. Protests must be submitted to: CPUC Energy Division ED Tariff Unit 505 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor San Francisco, California 94102 Facsimile: (415) 703-2200 E-mail: Copies of protests also should be mailed to the attention of the Director, Energy Division, Room 4004, at the address shown above. The protest shall also be sent to PG&E either via E-mail or U.S. mail (and by facsimile, if possible) at the address shown below on the same date it is mailed or delivered to the Commission: Erik Jacobson Director, Regulatory Relations c/o Megan Lawson Pacific Gas and Electric Company 77 Beale Street, Mail Code B13U P.O. Box 770000 San Francisco, California 94177 Facsimile: (415) 973-3582 E-mail: Any person (including individuals, groups, or organizations) may protest or respond to an advice letter (General Order 96-B, Section 7.4). The protest shall contain the following information: specification of the advice letter protested; grounds for the protest; supporting factual information or legal argument; name, telephone number, postal address, and (where appropriate) e-mail address of the protestant; and statement that the protest was sent to the utility no later than the day on which the protest was submitted to the reviewing Industry Division (General Order 96-B, Section 3.11). Effective Date PG&E requests that this Tier 1 advice filing become effective upon date of filing, which is October 11, 2017.
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Advice 5157-E -8- October 11, 2017 Notice In accordance with General Order 96-B, Section IV, a copy of this advice letter is being sent electronically and via U.S. mail to parties shown on the attached list and the parties on the service list for R.15-03-011. Address changes to the General Order 96-B service list should be directed to PG&E at email address For changes to any other service list, please contact the Commission’s Process Office at (415) 703-2021 or at Send all electronic approvals to Advice letter filings can also be accessed electronically at: /S/ Erik Jacobson Director, Regulatory Relations Attachments cc: Service List for R.15-03-011
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CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION ADVICE LETTER FILING SUMMARY ENERGY UTILITY MUST BE COMPLETED BY UTILITY (Attach additional pages as needed) Company name/CPUC Utility No. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (ID U39 E) Utility type: Contact Person: Annie Ho  ELC  GAS  PLC  HEAT Phone #: (415) 973-8794  WATER E-mail: and EXPLANATION OF UTILITY TYPE ELC = Electric PLC = Pipeline GAS = Gas HEAT = Heat (Date Filed/ Received Stamp by CPUC) WATER = Water Advice Letter (AL) #: 5157-E Tier: 1 Subject of AL: Correction to Advice Letter 4968-E: Self Generation Incentive Program Funded Energy Storage Installations Keywords (choose from CPUC listing): Self Generation AL filing type:  Monthly  Quarterly  Annual  One-Time  Other _____________________________ If AL filed in compliance with a Commission order, indicate relevant Decision/Resolution #: D.16-09-007 Does AL replace a withdrawn or rejected AL? If so, identify the prior AL: No Summarize differences between the AL and the prior withdrawn or rejected AL: ____________________ Is AL requesting confidential treatment? If so, what information is the utility seeking confidential treatment for: No Confidential information will be made available to those who have executed a nondisclosure agreement: N/A Name(s) and contact information of the person(s) who will provide the nondisclosure agreement and access to the confidential information: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resolution Required? Yes No Requested effective date: October 11, 2017 N No. of tariff sheets: N/A Estimated system annual revenue effect (%): N/A Estimated system average rate effect (%): N/A When rates are affected by AL, include attachment in AL showing average rate effects on customer classes (residential, small commercial, large C/I, agricultural, lighting). Tariff schedules affected: N/A Service affected and changes proposed: N/A Pending advice letters that revise the same tariff sheets: N/A Protests, dispositions, and all other correspondence regarding this AL are due no later than 20 days after the date of this filing, unless otherwise authorized by the Commission, and shall be sent to: California Public Utilities Commission Energy Division EDTariffUnit 505 Van Ness Ave., 4th Flr. San Francisco, CA 94102 E-mail: Pacific Gas and Electric Company Attn: Erik Jacobson Director, Regulatory Relations c/o Megan Lawson 77 Beale Street, Mail Code B13U P.O. Box 770000 San Francisco, CA 94177 E-mail:
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PG&E Gas and Electric Advice Filing List General Order 96-B, Section IV AT&T Albion Power Company Alcantar & Kahl LLP Anderson & Poole Atlas ReFuel BART Barkovich & Yap, Inc. Braun Blaising Smith Wynne P.C. CalCom Solar California Cotton Ginners & Growers Assn California Energy Commission California Public Utilities Commission California State Association of Counties Calpine Casner, Steve Cenergy Power Center for Biological Diversity City of Palo Alto City of San Jose Clean Power Research Coast Economic Consulting Commercial Energy Cool Earth Solar, Inc. County of Tehama - Department of Public Works Crossborder Energy Crown Road Energy, LLC Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Day Carter Murphy Defense Energy Support Center Dept of General Services Division of Ratepayer Advocates Don Pickett & Associates, Inc. Douglass & Liddell Downey & Brand Ellison Schneider & Harris LLP Energy Management Service Evaluation + Strategy for Social Innovation G. A. Krause & Assoc. GenOn Energy, Inc. Goodin, MacBride, Squeri, Schlotz & Ritchie Green Charge Networks Green Power Institute Hanna & Morton ICF International Power Technology Intestate Gas Services, Inc. Kelly Group Ken Bohn Consulting Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. Linde Los Angeles County Integrated Waste Management Task Force Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power MRW & Associates Manatt Phelps Phillips Marin Energy Authority McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP McKenzie & Associates Modesto Irrigation District Morgan Stanley NLine Energy, Inc. NRG Solar Nexant, Inc. Office of Ratepayer Advocates OnGrid Solar Pacific Gas and Electric Company Praxair Regulatory & Cogeneration Service, Inc. SCD Energy Solutions SCE SDG&E and SoCalGas SPURR San Francisco Water Power and Sewer Seattle City Light Sempra Utilities Southern California Edison Company Southern California Gas Company Spark Energy Sun Light & Power Sunshine Design Tecogen, Inc. TerraVerde Renewable Partners Tiger Natural Gas, Inc. TransCanada Troutman Sanders LLP Utility Cost Management Utility Power Solutions Utility Specialists Verizon Water and Energy Consulting Wellhead Electric Company Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) Yep Energy
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