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Erik Jacobson
Regulatory Relations

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., Mail Code B13U
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177
Fax: 415-973-3582

December 20, 2018
ED Tariff Unit
Energy Division
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Withdrawal of Advice Letter 5445-E, Information-Only Advice Letter Confirmation of Fast Charge Program Electric Vehicle Service
Equipment (EVSE) Rebate and Definition of Disadvantaged
Community (DAC) Adjacent Pursuant to Decision 18-05-040.

Dear Energy Division Tariff Unit:
In accordance with General Order 96-B, Section 5.3, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
(PG&E) hereby withdraws the above-referenced advice letter without prejudice.
On December 19, 2018, PG&E submitted Advice Letter 5445-E. At the guidance of
Energy Division, PG&E withdraws this advice letter until further notice and will re-submit
a new advice letter.
In accordance with General Order 96-B, Section 5.3, this withdrawal letter is being
submitted in the same manner and served on the same persons as the advice letter.

Erik Jacobson
Director, Regulatory Relations

Carolyn Sisto, Energy Division
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