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Erik Jacobson
Regulatory Relations

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
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San Francisco, CA 94177
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January 8, 2019

Advice 4057-G
(Pacific Gas and Electric Company ID U39 G)

Public Utilities Commission of the State of California
Subject: Schedule G-CPX -- Crossover Gas Procurement Service to Core EndUse Customers for Rates Effective January 10, 2019
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (“PG&E”) hereby submits for submittal revisions to
its gas tariffs. The affected tariff sheets are listed on the enclosed Attachment 1.
The purpose of this submittal is to revise monthly crossover rates under Schedule
G-CPX--Crossover Gas Procurement Service to Core End-Use Customers, effective
January 10, 2019. Schedule G-CPX crossover rates change on a monthly basis on the
tenth calendar day of each month.
In accordance with Decision (“D.”) 03-12-008, Schedule G-CPX applies to gas
customers that request to be reclassified from noncore to core status. Such customers
will pay the applicable crossover procurement rate under Schedule G-CPX for the first
twelve (12) regular monthly billing periods during which they take core gas procurement
service from PG&E.
Crossover customers will pay the customer charge and
transportation charge as specified in their applicable core schedule. After the twelfth
regular monthly billing period, Schedule G-CPX will no longer apply.
Schedule G-CPX Rate
As adopted in D.03-12-008, the crossover rate is the higher of: (1) the posted monthly
core procurement rate, including backbone transmission system volumetric charges, as
shown in Schedule G-CP--Gas Procurement Service to Core End-Use Customers; or
(2) the higher of the AECO index (including variable transportation costs to Malin) or the
Topock Index, as used in the computation of PG&E’s Core Procurement Incentive
Mechanism monthly benchmark for California border purchases, plus the per unit cost
of backbone transmission system volumetric service included in the posted monthly
procurement rates.


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Advice 4057-G -2- January 8, 2019 Schedule G-CPX rates include the core brokerage fee, an allowance for core distribution and transmission in-kind shrinkage per gas Rule 21, core pipeline capacity costs, core storage costs, procurement balancing account balances, any other procurement-related costs, and an allowance for franchise fees and uncollectibles accounts expense. The crossover procurement rates reflect only the higher of the core weighted average cost of gas (“WACOG”) or the border index (both including the per unit cost of backbone transmission system volumetric service), with other procurement costs equivalent to those for otherwise-applicable core procurement rates.1 For the period from January 10, 2019, through February 9, 2019, the following Schedule G-CPX rates will be in effect: Schedule G-CPX Rates Per Therm Small Commercial Customers (Schedule G-NR1) Large Commercial Customers (Schedule G-NR2) Natural Gas Vehicle Customers (Schedule G-NGV1) $0.51289 $0.48338 $0.48117 Workpapers showing the calculation of these rates are included in this submittal as Attachment 2. Protests Anyone wishing to protest this submittal may do so by letter sent via U.S. mail, facsimile or E-mail, no later than January 28, 2019, which is 20 days after the date of this submittal. Protests must be submitted to: CPUC Energy Division ED Tariff Unit 505 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor San Francisco, California 94102 Facsimile: (415) 703-2200 E-mail: Copies of protests also should be mailed to the attention of the Director, Energy Division, Room 4004, at the address shown above. 1 The shrinkage rate component included in the monthly Schedule G-CPX rates will be calculated based on the higher of the WACOG or the border index, using the same methodology used for calculating the shrinkage component in monthly core procurement rates.
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