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Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., Mail Code B13U
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177
Fax: 415.973.3582

August 30, 2019
California Public Utilities Commission
Energy Division
ED Tariff Unit
505 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Substitute Sheets for Advice 5498-E-A

Dear Energy Division Tariff Unit:
An original and copy of the substitute sheets are attached for Advice 5498-E-A,
“Supplemental: PG&E's San Joaquin Valley Disadvantaged Communities Pilot
Implementation Plan.”
At the authorization of Energy Division staff, PG&E is modifying Appendix C of
Attachment A to reflect the primary license classification for solar water heating
installations to be C-46 instead of C-36.
For administrative convenience, a new Appendix C: Additional Workforce
Education and Training Information of Attachment A is attached. Please discard
the previously submitted pages. In accordance with GO 96-B, Section 7.5.1, the
substitute sheets are being served in the same manner as the original advice
Please telephone me at (415) 973-8794 should you have any questions
regarding the substitute sheets.
_/S/ Annie Ho___________

Annie Ho
Regulatory Affairs
cc (w/attachment):
Charles Ward, Energy Division
Service List for R.15-03-010


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Appendix C: Additional Workforce Education and Training Information Recommended License and/or Registration to Install Pilot Measures Measure Hot Water Appliances Heat Pump Water Heater (Including grid responsive and hybrid types) Recommended License and/or Registration C-20, or C-36 44 Solar Hot Water System Electric Resistance Water Heater Space Conditioning Heat Pump Space Heater C-46 C-36 (Including central split or multi-zone system) C-20 Mini-Split Ductless System Central Split System with Ducting C-20 (Including grid responsive type) Other Appliances Standard Electric Range Energy Star Electric Dryer Cermaic-top Electric Range Induction Electric Range Weatherization Various Measures Electrical Upgrades Various Measures C-20 EAR (BHGS) B, C-2, or D-65 C-10
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Selection of California License Types License and/or Registration Details Class “B” General Building Contractor Class “C” Specialty Contractor (see below for selection of relevant Class “C” licenses) C-2 Insulation and Acoustical Contractor C-10 Electrical Contractor C-20 Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Contractor C-36 Plumbing Contractor C-46 Solar Contractor C-61 “D” Limited Specialty Classifications Subcategorized by “D” Class Subcategories D-65 Weatherization and Energy Conservation Source: California Contractors State Licensing Board, Description of Classifications (2015), available at 45 EAR (BHGS) Electronic and Appliance Repair (California Bureau of Household Goods and Services) Source: California Bureau of Household Goods and Services (2016), Sample of Existing and Relevant WE&T Training Programs by Format and Topic Existing WE&T Training Introductory Electric Heat Pumps for Domestic Space and Water Heating: Applications and Considerations Format Relevant Topics Instructor led HPWH (including hybrid), HPSH, Mini-split Ductless Systems Heat Pumps: Residential Applications and Comparison with Solar Energy Systems Instructor led HPWH, Hybrid HPWH,** Grid-responsive HPWH** Solar Water Heating Systems Instructor led Instructor Solar Hot Water CSD Basic Weatherization* Weatherization measures
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ESA Energy Specialist* Energy Math On Demand Basic mathematics applied to energy efficiency Best Practices in Residential Water Heating On Demand Hot Water Systems CSI Solar Thermal Program Contractor Workshop 46 Energy Star Electric Dryers Air-Sealing for an Efficient New Home Basics of Solar Electric Systems Building Science Fundamentals Series Instructor led On Demand On Demand On Demand On Demand Solar Hot Water On Demand HVAC Systems and Sizing Instructor led Weatherization measures Instructor led Weatherization measures Instructor led Instructor led Combustion Safety Intermediate HVAC Residential Quality Installation Series ESA Weatherization Specialist Core* Advanced ESA Advanced Weatherization Specialist* ESA Natural Gas Appliance Testing* Combustion Appliance Safety* Weatherization (air sealing) PV Systems Weatherization, energy efficiency, interactive effects Combustion Safety
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