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Gary A. Stern, Ph.D.
Managing Director, State Regulatory Operations

March 23, 2020
(U 338-E)
Information Only – Quarterly Report on the Frequency and
Duration of Frequency Events Pursuant to Resolution E-4898


Pursuant to Ordering Paragraph (OP) 4 of Resolution E-4898, the purpose of this
advice letter is to submit Southern California Edison Company’s (SCE’s) informationonly advice letter (AL). This submittal complies with the requirement to submit quarterly
reports via Tier 1 advice letters starting three months after the mandatory activation of
Function 5 on frequency events.
The California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) adopted Resolution E-4898
(Resolution) on April 26, 2018. Among other things, the Resolution: (1) adopted an
activation date for Function 5 of nine months following approval of SunSpec Alliance’s
Communication Protocol Certification Test Standard; (ii) ordered SCE, Pacific Gas and
Electric Company (PG&E), and San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E),
collectively the investor-owned utilities (IOUs), to incorporate the IEEE 1547 standard
for Function 5; and (iii) ordered the IOUs to develop reporting methodology to monitor
the frequency and duration of frequency events.
On July 25, 2018, SCE submitted AL 3829-E. On October 19, 2018, SCE submitted AL
3829-E-A which: (1) addressed the protest of the Public Advocates Office (CalPA)
submitted on August 14, 2018; and (2) supplemented AL 3829-E in part. Pursuant to
conversations with the Energy Division, SCE withdrew AL 3829-E-A and submitted AL
3829-E-B on November 1, 2018 to address the protest of CalPA and replace and
supersede AL 3829-E in its entirety.
SCE’s AL 3829-E-B included a proposed reporting template for collecting and reporting
on data that informs of the number and duration of grid frequency events. This template
will be used for quarterly reporting and then will be submitted annually on dates aligning

P.O. Box 800

8631 Rush Street

Rosemead, California 91770

(626) 302-9645

Fax (626) 302-6396


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ADVICE 4177-E (U 338-E) -2- March 23, 2020 with the adopted February 22, 2019 activation date for Function 5 (as identified in the July 11, 2018, letter from Edward Randolph, Director of the Commission’s Energy Division relative to Resolution E-4898), and is consistent with proposals by SDG&E and PG&E. The fourth report on frequency events during the period of November 23, 2019 to February 22, 2020 is included in Attachment A. No cost information is required for this advice letter. This advice letter will not increase any rate or charge, cause the withdrawal of service, or conflict with any other schedule or rule. TIER DESIGNATION Pursuant to OP 4 of Resolution E-4898, this advice letter is submitted with a Tier 1 designation. EFFECTIVE DATE This advice letter will become effective the same day as submitted. NOTICE In accordance with GO 96-B, General Rule 6.2, this information-only advice letter is not subject to protest. In accordance with General Rule 4 of GO 96-B, SCE is serving copies of this advice letter to the interested parties shown on the attached GO 96-B, R.11-09-011, and R.17-07-007 service lists. Address change requests to the GO 96-B service list should be directed by electronic mail to or at (626) 302-4039. For changes to all other service lists, please contact the Commission’s Process Office at (415) 703-2021 or by electronic mail at Further, in accordance with Public Utilities Code Section 491, notice to the public is hereby given by submitting and keeping the advice letter at SCE’s corporate headquarters. To view other SCE advice letters submitted with the Commission, log on to SCE’s web site at
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ADVICE 4177-E (U 338-E) -3- March 23, 2020 For questions, please contact Daniel Miller at (626) 302-8383 or by electronic mail at Southern California Edison Company /s/ Gary A. Stern, Ph.D. Gary A. Stern, Ph.D. GAS:dm:jm Enclosures
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ADVICE LETTER SUMMARY ENERGY UTILITY MUST BE COMPLETED BY UTILITY (Attach additional pages as needed) Company name/CPUC Utility No.: Southern California Edison Company (U 338-E) Utility type: ELC GAS PLC HEAT ELC = Electric PLC = Pipeline WATER Contact Person: Darrah Morgan Phone #: (626) 302-2086 E-mail: E-mail Disposition Notice to: EXPLANATION OF UTILITY TYPE GAS = Gas WATER = Water HEAT = Heat (Date Submitted / Received Stamp by CPUC) Tier Designation: Advice Letter (AL) #: Subject of AL: Keywords (choose from CPUC listing): Compliance AL Type: Monthly Quarterly Annual One-Time Other: If AL submitted in compliance with a Commission order, indicate relevant Decision/Resolution #: Does AL replace a withdrawn or rejected AL? If so, identify the prior AL: Summarize differences between the AL and the prior withdrawn or rejected AL: Confidential treatment requested? Yes No If yes, specification of confidential information: Confidential information will be made available to appropriate parties who execute a nondisclosure agreement. Name and contact information to request nondisclosure agreement/ access to confidential information: Resolution required? Yes No Requested effective date: No. of tariff sheets: -0- Estimated system annual revenue effect (%): Estimated system average rate effect (%): When rates are affected by AL, include attachment in AL showing average rate effects on customer classes (residential, small commercial, large C/I, agricultural, lighting). Tariff schedules affected: None Service affected and changes proposed1: Pending advice letters that revise the same tariff sheets: None 1 Discuss in AL if more space is needed. Clear Form
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Protests and all other correspondence regarding this AL are due no later than 20 days after the date of this submittal, unless otherwise authorized by the Commission, and shall be sent to: CPUC, Energy Division Attention: Tariff Unit 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Email: Name: Gary A. Stern, Ph.D. Title: Managing Director, State Regulatory Operations Utility Name: Southern California Edison Company Address: 8631 Rush Street City: Rosemead Zip: 91770 State: California Telephone (xxx) xxx-xxxx: (626) 302-9645 Facsimile (xxx) xxx-xxxx: (626) 302-6396 Email: Name: Laura Genao c/o Karyn Gansecki Title: Managing Director, State Regulatory Affairs Utility Name: Southern California Edison Company Address: 601 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 2030 City: San Francisco State: California Zip: 94102 Telephone (xxx) xxx-xxxx: (415) 929-5515 Facsimile (xxx) xxx-xxxx: (415) 929-5544 Email: Clear Form
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ENERGY Advice Letter Keywords Affiliate Direct Access Preliminary Statement Agreements Disconnect Service Procurement Agriculture ECAC / Energy Cost Adjustment Qualifying Facility Avoided Cost EOR / Enhanced Oil Recovery Rebates Balancing Account Energy Charge Refunds Baseline Energy Efficiency Reliability Bilingual Establish Service Re-MAT/Bio-MAT Billings Expand Service Area Revenue Allocation Bioenergy Forms Rule 21 Brokerage Fees Franchise Fee / User Tax Rules CARE G.O. 131-D Section 851 CPUC Reimbursement Fee GRC / General Rate Case Self Generation Capacity Hazardous Waste Service Area Map Cogeneration Increase Rates Service Outage Compliance Interruptible Service Solar Conditions of Service Interutility Transportation Standby Service Connection LIEE / Low-Income Energy Efficiency Storage Conservation LIRA / Low-Income Ratepayer Assistance Street Lights Consolidate Tariffs Late Payment Charge Surcharges Contracts Line Extensions Tariffs Core Memorandum Account Taxes Credit Metered Energy Efficiency Text Changes Curtailable Service Metering Transformer Customer Charge Customer Owned Generation Mobile Home Parks Name Change Transition Cost Transmission Lines Decrease Rates Non-Core Transportation Electrification Demand Charge Non-firm Service Contracts Transportation Rates Demand Side Fund Nuclear Undergrounding Demand Side Management Oil Pipelines Voltage Discount Demand Side Response PBR / Performance Based Ratemaking Wind Power Deposits Portfolio Withdrawal of Service Depreciation Power Lines Clear Form
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Frequency Reporting Template In Compliance Of Resolution E-4898 Southern California Edison Utility Name Reporting Period Report Issued Date Start Date 11/23/2019 0:00:00 End Date 2/22/2020 11:59:59 3/20/2020 Frequency Reporting Ranges Type Range Level High Frequency (Hz) Low End High End Low Frequency (Hz) Low End High End Duration Time (Minutes) Frequency Range 1 60.036 60.136 59.864 59.964 5 minutes Frequency Range 2 60.136 60.336 59.664 59.864 1 Minute Frequency Range 3 60.336 60.636 59.364 59.664 1 Minute Frequency Range 4 60.636 No limit 0 59.364 1 Minute Event # Event Date Event Start Time Event End Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 11/23/2019 11/25/2019 11/27/2019 11/28/2019 11/28/2019 12/9/2019 12/13/2019 12/15/2019 1/1/2020 1/3/2020 1/16/2020 1/16/2020 1/18/2020 1/19/2020 1/21/2020 1/21/2020 1/22/2020 1/26/2020 1/28/2020 2/2/2020 2/3/2020 2/4/2020 2/4/2020 2/5/2020 2/7/2020 2/10/2020 2/14/2020 2/22/2020 23-NOV-19 15.20.12 25-NOV-19 05.00.47 27-NOV-19 11.19.37 28-NOV-19 06.47.42 28-NOV-19 12.55.24 09-DEC-19 15.25.38 13-DEC-19 15.38.04 15-DEC-19 15.40.46 01-JAN-20 11.56.54 03-JAN-20 12.57.54 16-JAN-20 08.22.59 16-JAN-20 11.55.08 18-JAN-20 15.27.42 19-JAN-20 13.38.20 21-JAN-20 14.54.55 21-JAN-20 15.03.06 22-JAN-20 08.23.05 26-JAN-20 12.08.51 28-JAN-20 14.04.15 02-FEB-20 19.22.22 03-FEB-20 16.24.10 04-FEB-20 08.32.41 04-FEB-20 16.20.01 05-FEB-20 09.53.27 07-FEB-20 16.35.06 10-FEB-20 16.48.39 14-FEB-20 15.46.38 22-FEB-20 15.42.22 23-NOV-19 15.28.25 25-NOV-19 05.06.06 27-NOV-19 11.25.01 28-NOV-19 06.53.10 28-NOV-19 13.00.45 09-DEC-19 15.34.00 13-DEC-19 15.45.50 15-DEC-19 15.46.37 01-JAN-20 12.03.44 03-JAN-20 01.04.01 16-JAN-20 08.31.19 16-JAN-20 12.01.44 18-JAN-20 15.34.26 19-JAN-20 13.44.06 21-JAN-20 15.03.01 21-JAN-20 15.09.07 22-JAN-20 08.28.26 26-JAN-20 12.15.39 28-JAN-20 14.10.24 02-FEB-20 19.29.17 03-FEB-20 16.41.25 04-FEB-20 08.39.24 04-FEB-20 16.38.03 05-FEB-20 10.00.02 07-FEB-20 16.42.26 10-FEB-20 16.54.15 14-FEB-20 15.53.26 22-FEB-20 15.48.17 Time (Minutes) Frequency Range Frequency Range 1 2 8.22 (LF) 5.32 (LF) 5.4 (HF) 5.47 (LF) 5.35 (HF) 8.37 (LF) 7.77 (LF) 5.85 (LF) 6.83 (HF) 6.12 (LF) 8.33 (HF) 6.6 (HF) 6.73 (LF) 5.77 (LF) 8.01 (HF) 6.02 (HF) 5.35 (HF) 6.8 (HF) 6.15 (HF) 6.92 (LF) 17.25 (LF) 6.72 (HF) 18.03 (LF) 6.58 (HF) 7.33 (LF) 5.6 (LF) 6.8 (LF) 5.92 (LF) Frequency Range 3 Frequency Range 4
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