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Erik Jacobson
Regulatory Relations

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., Mail Code B13U
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177
Fax: 415-973-3582

March 23, 2020
Energy Division
Attention: Tariff Unit
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Comments of Pacific Gas and Electric Company on Draft Resolution

Dear Energy Division Tariff Unit:
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) appreciates the opportunity to comment on
Draft Resolution E-5011 (the Draft Resolution) rejecting Bloom Energy’s and National
Fuel Cell Research Center’s Request for Commission Review of the February 8, 2017
Disposition Letter by the Director of the California Public Utilities Commission’s Energy
Division, concerning PG&E’s Advice Letter (AL) 4971-E/-E-A, submitted December 2nd,
2016 and supplemental AL 4971-E-A submitted January 19, 2017.
PG&E has no comments on the Draft Resolution E-5011 other than to state PG&E’s intent
to submit an Advice Letter after this draft resolution has been approved and after the final
NEMFC GHG emission standards have been adopted by the California Air Resources
Board. The Advice Letter will set forth PG&E’s plan to implement the GHG emissions
standards for fuel cells. We intend to submit the Advice Letter within 60 days of the latter
of the approval of Draft Resolution E-5011 or final adoption of the NEMFC GHG emission
Respectfully submitted,
Erik Jacobson
Director, Regulatory Relations

Edward Randolph, Director, Energy Division
Energy Division Tariff Unit
Tory Francisco, Energy Division
Russell G. Worden, Southern California Edison Company
Megan Caulson, San Diego Gas & Electric


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PG&E Comments on Draft Resolution E-5011 -2- Joseph M. Karp, Winston & Strawn LLP Scott Samuelsen, National Fuel Cell Research Center Stephen C. Jensen, Knobbe Martens, LLP March 23, 2020
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