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Clay Faber
Regulatory Affairs
9305 Lightwave Ave
San Diego, CA 92123
Tel: 858.654.3563

June 10, 2015

DECISION 14-03-041

This advice letter is filed in compliance with Ordering Paragraph (OP) 7 of Decision (D.) 14-03041, which requires San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) to report its progress towards
the Net Energy Metering (NEM) transition trigger level to the California Public Utilities
Commission (Commission) on a monthly basis.
On March 27, 2014, the Commission approved D.14-03-041; Decision Establishing a Transition
Period Pursuant to Assembly Bill 327 for Customers Enrolled in Net Energy Metering Tariffs.
Among other things, this Decision orders the California investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to “report
their progress towards the Net Energy Metering (NEM) transition trigger level to the Commission
on a monthly basis, as required by Public Utilities Code Section 2827(c)(4)(C).”1 This report
shall include the information required in statute, including updated information on progress
toward the NEM limits, as well as the amount remaining before the NEM transition trigger level
is reached. These monthly reports shall also be posted on each utility’s Web site along with
other information about NEM. The IOUs shall work with the Commission’s Energy Division staff
to develop the content and format for these monthly reports, as well as to develop an annual
summary report.2
In accordance with the Commission’s directive, the IOUs collaborated with Energy Division staff
to create a monthly report. Energy Division staff also provided the IOUs instructions to submit
the monthly reports via an information-only advice filing pursuant to General Order (GO) 96-B,
Energy Industry Rule, Section 6.
In compliance with D.14-03-041 and Energy Division’s directive, SDG&E hereby files this Advice
Letter (AL) and report. SDG&E’s report towards the NEM transition trigger level, which is
provided below, is as of May 30, 2015. SDG&E’s website has also been updated. For general
information on NEM, please visit For a web-based copy of the
report, please visit


OP 7 of D.14-03-041.




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Public Utilities Commission 2 June 10, 2015 Monthly AB 327 Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program Limit Report ¹ Data updated as of May 30, 2015 Total Available Megawatts (MW) Cap 607 MW 5% of 12,134 MW # Applications Received in May 2015 (New requests for NEM interconnection) Total NEM Applications in Queue as of May 2015 (Total pending requests for NEM interconnection) Cumulative NEM Installations² (Projects approved for NEM interconnection) NEM Installations and Applications in Queue (Cumulative MW Installed under NEM + NEM MW in Queue) MWs 2,077 12.7 2,347 21.5 56,259 388.1 58,606 409.6 Percentage 3.37% Remaining MW to Cap (NEM Cap minus Cumulative MW installed under NEM + NEM MW in Queue) 197.4 NOTES: ¹The purpose of this report is to adhere to Public Utilities (PU) Code Section 2827(c)(4)(C), which directs each large electrical corporation to file a monthly report with the California Public Utilities Commission detailing the progress toward the NEM program limit. This report includes all systems either seeking interconnection or interconnected under the NEM program pursuant to PU Code Section 2827 (e.g., solar, wind, fuel cells using renewable fuels, etc.) ²Includes cumulative installations approved for NEM interconnection since NEM inception in 1996 (does not include systems that terminated NEM interconnection with the utility). ANNUAL SUMMARY REPORT CPUC Decision 14-03-041, Ordering Paragraph 7 directs the IOUs to report their progress towards the NEM cap on a monthly basis and to post the information on their respective websites. Additionally, the ordering paragraph directs the IOUs to “develop an annual summary report”. The IOUs have been filing the above-referenced monthly reports on the 10th of each month. In addition, every October 1, the IOUs file an annual update to the denominator of the NEM cap pursuant to a 2012 Assigned Commissioner’s Ruling which updates the cap target and progress towards meeting that target. SDG&E believes that the monthly reports, which include cumulative data, coupled with the annual October 1 filings fulfill the annual summary report requirement in D.14-03-041. Therefore, SDG&E does not intend to file a separate annual report.
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Public Utilities Commission 3 June 10, 2015 EFFECTIVE DATE SDG&E believes this Advice Letter is subject to Energy Division disposition and should be classified as Tier 1 (effective pending disposition) pursuant to GO 96-B. This filing is pursuant to OP 7 of D.14-03-041 and therefore SDG&E requests this advice letter become effective June 10, 2015, the date filed. PROTEST In accordance with GO 96-B Section 6.2, this information-only filing is not subject to protest. NOTICE A copy of this filing has been served on the utilities and interested parties shown on the attached list, including interested parties in R.12-11-005 and R.14-07-002, by providing them a copy hereof either electronically or via the U.S. mail, properly stamped and addressed. Address changes should be SDG& directed to SDG&E Tariffs by e-mail _______________________________ CLAY FABER Director – Regulatory Affairs at
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CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION ADVICE LETTER FILING SUMMARY ENERGY UTILITY MUST BE COMPLETED BY UTILITY (Attach additional pages as needed) Company name/CPUC Utility No. SAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC (U 902) Utility type: Contact Person: Joff Morales ELC GAS Phone #: (858) 650-4098 PLC HEAT WATER E-mail: EXPLANATION OF UTILITY TYPE ELC = Electric PLC = Pipeline GAS = Gas HEAT = Heat Advice Letter (AL) #: Subject of AL: (Date Filed/ Received Stamp by CPUC) WATER = Water 2751-E Information Only – Progress Towards the Net Energy Metering Transition Trigger Level In Compliance with Decision 14-03-041 Keywords (choose from CPUC listing): AL filing type: Monthly NEM Quarterly Annual One-Time Other If AL filed in compliance with a Commission order, indicate relevant Decision/Resolution #: Does AL replace a withdrawn or rejected AL? If so, identify the prior AL: None Summarize differences between the AL and the prior withdrawn or rejected AL1: Does AL request confidential treatment? If so, provide explanation: Resolution Required? Yes No 1 No. of tariff sheets: Estimated system annual revenue effect: (%): Estimated system average rate effect (%): N/A Tier Designation: Requested effective date: 06/10/15 N/A 2 3 0 N/A N/A When rates are affected by AL, include attachment in AL showing average rate effects on customer classes (residential, small commercial, large C/I, agricultural, lighting). Tariff schedules affected: None Service affected and changes proposed1: N/A Pending advice letters that revise the same tariff sheets: None Protests and all other correspondence regarding this AL are due no later than 20 days after the date of this filing, unless otherwise authorized by the Commission, and shall be sent to: CPUC, Energy Division San Diego Gas & Electric Attention: Tariff Unit Attention: Megan Caulson 505 Van Ness Ave., 9305 Lightwave Ave, SD1190 San Francisco, CA 94102 San Diego, CA 92123
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General Order No. 96-B ADVICE LETTER FILING MAILING LIST cc: (w/enclosures) Public Utilities Commission DRA S. Cauchois R. Pocta W. Scott Energy Division P. Clanon S. Gallagher D. Lafrenz Tariff Unit CA. Energy Commission F. DeLeon R. Tavares Alcantar & Kahl LLP K. Cameron American Energy Institute C. King APS Energy Services J. Schenk BP Energy Company J. Zaiontz Barkovich & Yap, Inc. B. Barkovich Bartle Wells Associates R. Schmidt Braun & Blaising, P.C. S. Blaising California Energy Markets S. O’Donnell C. Sweet California Farm Bureau Federation K. Mills California Wind Energy N. Rader Children’s Hospital & Health Center T. Jacoby City of Poway R. Willcox City of San Diego L.Cosio Azar D. Weil Commerce Energy Group V. Gan CP Kelco A. Friedl Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP E. O’Neill J. Pau Dept. of General Services H. Nanjo M. Clark Douglass & Liddell D. Douglass D. Liddell G. Klatt Duke Energy North America M. Gillette Dynegy, Inc. J. Paul Ellison Schneider & Harris LLP E. Janssen Energy Policy Initiatives Center (USD) S. Anders Energy Price Solutions A. Scott Energy Strategies, Inc. K. Campbell M. Scanlan Goodin, MacBride, Squeri, Ritchie & Day B. Cragg J. Heather Patrick J. Squeri Goodrich Aerostructures Group M. Harrington Hanna and Morton LLP N. Pedersen Itsa-North America L. Belew J.B.S. Energy J. Nahigian Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP J. Leslie Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP D. Huard R. Keen Matthew V. Brady & Associates M. Brady Modesto Irrigation District C. Mayer Morrison & Foerster LLP P. Hanschen MRW & Associates D. Richardson Pacific Gas & Electric Co. J. Clark M. Huffman S. Lawrie E. Lucha Pacific Utility Audit, Inc. E. Kelly San Diego Regional Energy Office S. Freedman J. Porter School Project for Utility Rate Reduction M. Rochman Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP O. Armi Solar Turbines F. Chiang Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP K. McCrea Southern California Edison Co. M. Alexander K. Cini K. Gansecki H. Romero TransCanada R. Hunter D. White TURN M. Hawiger UCAN D. Kelly U.S. Dept. of the Navy K. Davoodi N. Furuta L. DeLacruz Utility Specialists, Southwest, Inc. D. Koser Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association S. Dey White & Case LLP L. Cottle Interested Parties R.12-11-005 R.14-07-002
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