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Pacific Gas and Electric Company
77 Beale St., Mail Code B13U
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177
Fax: 415.973.3582

April 27, 2021
California Public Utilities Commission
Energy Division
ED Tariff Unit
505 Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

Substitute Sheets for Advice 6141-E

Dear Energy Division Tariff Unit:
An original and 1 copy of substitute sheets are attached for Advice 6141-E,
“Modification of Electric Rule 21 for Qualifying Non-export and Limited Export
Inverters to Use a Time-of-Year Maximum Monthly Export Value Settings
Pursuant to Decision 20-09-035 Ordering Paragraphs 51 and 15.” submitted on
March 30, 2021.
In PG&E’s Advice Letter 6141-E, PG&E inadverdently switched Ordering
Paragraph (OP) 15’s timeline requirements with OP 51’s timeline requirements in
the table on page 8. These substitute sheets revise the advice letter, so the
timeline requirements match with their corresponding Ordering Paragraph.
In accordance with GO 96-B, Section 7.5.1, the substitute sheets are being
served in the same manner as the original advice letter. For administrative
convenience, a new page of Sheet 8 is attached. Please discard the previously
submitted pages.
Please call me at (415) 973-4587 should you have any questions regarding the
substitute sheets.
_/S/ Kimberly Loo

Kimberly Loo
Regulatory Relations
cc: Service Lists R.11-09-011 and R.17-07-007


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Advice 6141-E -8- March 30, 2021 As indicated in the table below, due to the high degree of similarity between OPs 15 and 51 the Utilities proposed at the SIWG that the two OPs be implemented together as one and the proposal was accepted. Generating Facilities export levels Certification scheme Use of Smart Inverters SIWG engagement Working Group 3 basis Timing for updates to Rule 21 once certification standards are approved Implementation timeline once certification standards are approved OP 15 OP 51 ==== SIMILARITIES ==== Both allow variance during the year Both rely on approved certification standard Both require Both require ==== DIFFERENCES ==== Issue 9 Issue A-B #3 Update within Update within 60 days 90 days No timeline 9 months provided The SIWG included discussions that focused on • standard review, • certification requirements, and • the interconnection process modifications necessary for implementation of the proposal as required by Ordering Paragraphs 15 and 51. On the December 17, 20 SIWG, IOUs presented a draft process flow that outlined the requirements for: 1. Customer Pre-application Research 2. Interconnection Request 3. Technical review process 4. Interconnection Agreement and PTO 5. Operational Verification Requirements Refinement and discussion of the draft process flow continued until the final SIWG meeting on March 4, 2021.
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