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Gregory Anderson
Regulatory Tariffs
8330 Century Park Court
San Diego, CA 92123

October 19, 2021
CPUC Energy Division
Attention: Tariff Unit
505 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Re: Substitute Sheet for SDG&E Advice Letter 3017-G
Please find SDG&E’s substitute sheet for Advice Letter 3017-G, “Low-Carbon Fuel Standard
(LCFS) Program Annual Credit and Revenue Estimates (2022)”.
The table on page 3 of the existing Advice Letter shows the SoCalGas column for the LCFS
Revenue Distributed and Effective LCFS Rate Credit as $3,196. This in fact should be
$3,208. This error has no bearing or dependencies on any other portion of the Advice Letter.
The comment period was originally stated as October 20,2021, and SDG&E proposes to
retain that date as the change in not material with respect to the overall content of the Advice
An asterisk has been reflected in the upper right hand corner of the identified of page 3 of the
Advice Letter indicating that this is a substitute sheet. Please replace the corrected page
enclosed in the Advice Letter 3017-G.
/s/ Gregory Anderson
Gregory Anderson
Regulatory Tariffs


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* Public Utilities Commission 3 September 30, 2021 Description Units SoCalGas SDG&E Sempra-Wide Public Access Compression Volumes LCFS Balance Amortized and Implied LCFS Rate Credit FF&U (%) Mth per year $000 $ per therm 2,833 628 3,461 $3,207 $1.13204 $647 $1.02994 $3,854 $1.11350 % 101.6972% 102.2970% - LCFS Revenue Distributed and Effective LCFS Rate Credit $000 $ per therm $3,208 $1.13240 $715 $1.13908 - CONFIDENTIALITY Due to the confidential nature of certain of the credit and revenue estimates requested by the Commission in D.14-12-083, the unredacted information is being provided to Energy Division pursuant to General Order 66-D, P.U. Code § 583, and D.17-09-023. Attachment A is a declaration requesting confidential treatment is being provided to the Commission concurrently with this AL. EFFECTIVE DATE SDG&E believes that this submittal is subject to Energy Division disposition and, per OP 5 of D.14-12-083, is classified as Tier 2. SDG&E respectfully requests that this filing become effective on November 1, 2021, which is 32 days from the date filed. PROTEST Anyone may protest this Advice Letter to the California Public Utilities Commission. The protest must state the grounds upon which it is based, including such items as financial and service impact, and should be submitted expeditiously. The protest must be made in writing and must be received no later than October 20, 2021, which is 20 days of the date this Advice Letter was filed with the Commission. There is no restriction on who may file a protest. The address for mailing or delivering a protest to the Commission is: CPUC Energy Division Attention: Tariff Unit 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Copies of the protest should also be sent via e-mail to the attention of the Energy Division at A copy of the protest should also be sent via e-mail to the address shown below on the same date it is mailed or delivered to the Commission. Attn: Greg Anderson Regulatory Tariff Manager E-mail:; and
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